Academic English Courses

NU Academic English Courses are for :

  • Students and Graduates

    Prepare for your studies at English-taught schools and universities with our comprehensive course. Gain the skills needed to succeed in a multicultural learning environment. For graduates, our course is ideal for pursuing Master's and Ph.D. degrees in English.

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    This course also fits professionals who work for Kazakhstan’s national and multinational companies. Enhance your English language proficiency for career growth and effective business communications.

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    We offer customized English courses to meet the specific needs of your organization. Contact us for personalized programs designed to elevate your employees' language skills. Available upon request.

Why Choose Us

Our course is designed to help students and professionals improve their English up to international standards
  • Academic and Professional English lessons

    We offer English classes that cover academic and professional contexts, providing comprehensive language skills development
  • Innovative teaching methods and qualified teachers

    Our qualified English teachers use modern teaching methods to deliver effective instructions

  • Comfortable study schedule

    We offer convenient evening and weekend study options to accommodate busy schedules

  • Nazarbayev University information resources

    Access information resources from Nazarbayev University to enhance your learning experience

English courses we offer:

We offer a range of English courses depending on your English level. After the completion of each course a certificate is awarded.
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