NUFYP Orientation week 2022

Here you can download orientation week schedule
Bank card & Billing
Bank card and Student ID card
Your bank card and Student ID card are incorporated for your convenience. You will receive SMS from the Jysan bank that your card is ready. Please remember you will pick up your card at the Jysan bank branch in your hometown (at the address you indicated in your application, the link to the application previously sent with the instruction for documents submission). Should you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact us by emailing us at
Financial Assistance
Nazarbayev University provides financial assistance options available for our students. The stipends are awarded to NU students based on their academic performance in accordance with the criteria set by Regulations on stipend support provision to students of the autonomous organization of education “Nazarbayev University”.
The purpose of stipend support provision to students is to stimulate research, teaching, and learning activities of conscientious students of the University, to provide social (financial) support to students, as well as partially covering their expenses during their study.
The “Nazarbayev University” Stipend
The “Nazarbayev University” Stipend is awarded to students who are studying under the “Nazarbayev University” educational grant. During the first semester of study, the “Nazarbayev University” Stipend is awarded to bachelor students unconditionally and is paid on a monthly basis. In the following semesters, the “Nazarbayev University” Stipend is awarded to bachelor students by the results of the examination session in accordance with criteria set in the Regulations.
Students studying under NUFYP program receive the “Nazarbayev University” Stipend (paid on a monthly basis) for the entire program of study.
«Abay Kunanbayev» and «Ybyray Altynsarin» stipends
«Abay Kunanbayev» and «Ybyray Altynsarin» stipends were established by the University and funded by the University and/or its organizations. “Abay Kunanbayev’” stipend awarded to international students enrolled in the University. These stipends are paid under the criteria set in the Regulations on stipend support provision.
The amount of the Nazarbayev University Stipend is determined by the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

For the most up to date information on stipend opportunities, please refer to Bursar’s office: work phones: +7 (7172) 70 60 86, 70 60 32, 70 91 99, 70 90 27, office 5034 Block C2, еmail:

Course registration & Academic Procedures
NUFYP students do not self-register for their courses. The School Administration will register students for all their required courses.
IT resources
This webpage contains brief information and links to IT services for students. We hope this information will be helpful to you!
For communication with faculty and other members of the NU Community you will need a corporate email – please visit and login using credentials sent to your personal email earlier. Check your personal mailbox periodically, there will be instructions on how to access your student mail account in the form and your user credentials to other IT resources. From the moment you have access to your mail account, use it to contact the University services.
During the learning process, you will need access to the following information systems and resources:
  • Corporate PCs – all domain computers of the University;
  • – is a University electronic course management system (virtual learning environment). LMS Moodle is utilized by students and faculty in order to perform such tasks as an exchange of files, audio and video data,messaging, chat activities, forums, online quizzes and etc.; Pay special attention to Moodle, the entire learning process is closely related to Moodle. In the Moodle environment you will receive assignments and take homework, receive grades. This is one of the required resources that you must use for study. Moodle Instructions(link)
  • – is an automated information system designed to automate the academic and internal processes of the University in terms of coordination, studying in the disciplines taught, registering all of their and academic disciplines throughout the training period;
  • – provides access to the Nazarbayev University Library’s resources and services;
  • – student portal;
  • – you can recover password using the Password Recovery Service.
Learn more here on how to login to the NU information systems and services.
Here you can find answers to FAQs about the IT resources.
The first thing you need to know where to go if you have technical problems is helpdesk.
If you have any questions, you can contact the IT Help Desk via: +7 (7172) 70-62-00,

Tips for secure online learning
  1. Have an antivirus with real time monitoring capability installed on all your devices that have Internet access. Perform regular full scans; scan every downloaded file.
  2. Computers work under a user account, not an admin. Use an admin role only when it is needed, such as software installation/removal.
  3. Do not browse through web sites with adult/untrustworthy content since they can contain malware. Avoid addresses that start with http://, instead look for https:// (secure ones)
  4. Do not download/install counterfeit software, it can have malware inside that not every antiviral package can detect.
  5. Do install patches and update all your software including Operating System, this will reduce vulnerabilities.
  6. Do guard your personal information. Do not share your passwords with anyone.
Tips to fight Phishing Email Threats: *
  • Avoid strangers, check name and email address
  • Don’t rush, be suspicious of emails marked “urgent”
  • Notice mistakes in spelling and grammar
  • Beware of generic greetings, “dear sir/ma’am”
  • Don’t be lured by incredible “deals”
  • Hover over the link before you click to ensure it has a secure URL (https://)
  • Never give out personal or financial information based on an email request
  • Don’t trust links or attachments in unsolicited emails
*Taken from

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