Short Overview of the Zero Year of Graduate Programs
Pathway to NU’s prestigious graduate degree programs for you!
Duration of the program is one academic year
Scholarships & Tuition
Every year, state grants are allocated for program's students.
Entry requirements
  • You need to go through the admission process to the Graduate Program of the chosen NU school
  • An appropriate IELTS or TOEFL score required by the specific program
What will you study?
  • Program specific refresher course
  • Academic communications
  • Academic reading
  • Academic writing
  • Foundational statistics
If you have your bachelor’s degree (BA or BSc) and want to continue your education to receive a master’s degree but aren’t sure if you are ready, NU has a great opportunity for you.

The Center for Preparatory Studies (CPS) at Nazarbayev University has a two-semester course of study that prepares students to succeed in their graduate studies. Students will read scholarly articles and texts in specific fields, practice graduate-level writing, and acquire research and academic skills. The Zero Year of Graduate Programs is a course of study for students who already have their BA/BSc degree, but who do not yet quite have the capability to begin a graduate degree in English.

Applicants who are interested in studying at NU but do not meet the language requirements can still apply to a Graduate degree program in one of NU’s Schools. To be eligible for the Zero Year of Graduate Programs they must have an overall IELTS score of 5.5 (or equivalent). Students may be accepted into the graduate degree program conditionally and then are  placed in CPS to build their academic English and take refresher courses in their field.

Students who achieve passing marks in CPS will automatically continue with their degree program—there is no other testing required.

If you received your BA or BSc in a language other than English, this route into NU’s prestigious master’s degree programs is just right for you.