Robert K. Doebler
General Director

Robert K. Doebler received his BA in biology from Concordia College, Moorhead, Minnesota, and an MS in oceanography from National Taiwan University’s Institute of Oceanography in 1984. Studying overseas redirected his academic interests, and he returned to the US and studied applied linguistics at Indiana University receiving an MA in 1989 and a PhD in Central Eurasia Studies also from Indiana University in 1994.

He has taught academic English, linguistics, and anthropology in Taiwan, the Mongolian Academy of Sciences, and in universities in the US and China. In 2009, he went to Iraq to teach graduate students and also set up an academic preparation program for undergraduate students. In 2012, he was invited to create a Foundation Program at the American University of Nigeria.

Dr. Doebler came to Nazarbayev University in 2014 as the Director of the Writing Center; he joined CPS in 2016 as the Deputy Director and became the General Director in 2018.