Create personal account
Go to portal, press the “Sign up” button” and fill out the required information in English language.After completing the registration, confirm the registration by clicking on a link sent to your mailbox.Read the instructions about the registration procedure given in your personal account..
Step 2
Pay application fee
Application fee shall be paid online in your personal account at “My application forms” page via bank card.Please NOTE: in case of refusal from further participation in the selection process, the registration fee will not be refunded.
Step 3
Fill out the application form
Open the Foundation Program link at “My Application Forms” page and fill out the Foundation Application Form. Make sure you entered all the required information in a correct manner and after that press “Upload” button.
Step 4
Submit required documents

After filling out the application form you are required to submit:

· a scanned copy of a proof of your studies at a final grade/course (according to the template) or certificate/diploma with transcripts if you have already completed relevant level of study;

· a scanned copy of signed consent to personal data processing (according to the template);

· national identity card or passport.

· You can also submit a copy of IELTS or TOEFL certificate, if available.

Step 5
Finish the registration process

After completing all above-mentioned steps please press the SUBMIT APPLICATION button.

NOTE: No changes can be made after your application form has been submitted.

Step 6
Further steps

Please check your e-mail 1-2 weeks before each exam – the information of upcoming exam date, time and venue along with Exam Rules will be sent there.

Please keep in mind that sometimes letters from the University may go to spam box.

If you have any difficulties with the registration process send an email to Do not forget to indicate your IIN (for citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan) and Applicant ID number.