Benefits of being NUFYP Student

We have asked our student alumni about their opinion on what kind of benefits NUFYP provided them. Please read their opinion below:

As NUFYP foundation program students, we have witnessed personally the countless benefits that this program has provided. You are positioning yourself for success in both your academics and career by enrolling in a foundation program. It offers many advantages to aid you in succeeding, and it provides a solid foundation of information and abilities that will form the basis for your future studies.

One of the most valuable aspects of being on a foundation program has been the opportunity
to learn from experienced and knowledgeable teaching fellows. They have not only helped us to understand the foundational concepts and skills needed for our chosen field of study, but they have also provided valuable guidance and support along the way.

In addition to the instruction and guidance provided by our teaching fellows, NUFYP program
also offers a range of resources and support services that have helped us to succeed in our studies. These resources, such as tutoring and academic advising, have been invaluable in helping to stay on track and achieve academic goals.

Another benefit of being a student on a NUFYP program is the opportunity to meet other
students who are interested in similar fields of study. This has allowed us to form lasting friendships and make professional connections that will be valuable throughout our academic and professional journey.

Completing a foundation program has also enhanced our resume and made us a more competitive candidate for further study. We feel confident that the skills and knowledge we
have gained through this program will serve well in my future studies and career.

Overall, being a student on a foundation program has been a rewarding and enriching
experience that has set up for success in the future.