The NUFYP Advantage

The Nazarbayev University Foundation Year Program is a one-year, intensive academic program that prepares students to succeed in their undergraduate study at Nazarbayev University or any other international university.

So, you may say, “I’m prepared to study in a university.  Why should I study in NUFYP?  What advantage does it give to me?”  

Let me outline a few of the advantages that NUFYP will give to a student.

First, we know NU strives to be a top research university, so competition for admissions is keen.  NUFYP will not only prepare you for study in NU, but also give you a firsthand experience at NU and inside information on the major subjects.

Second, you have a chance to develop other non-academic skills (like being on Student Council and joining Student Clubs) and to develop friendships.

Third, NUFYP is accredited by BALEAP (in the UK), so you receive a great program which will be recognized by other international universities.

Fourth, if you are still finding your way, NUFYP offers student support, advice, and ideas.  You also can make mistakes in NUFYP and get a fresh start the next year—an excellent way to build grades for graduate school.

Let me give you two more advantages to think about when you are trying to decide.
  1. NUFYP—or a similar foundation program—is recommended for most students all over the world who study in a university that uses English because they have been proven useful.
  2. In NUFYP you can study in a familiar place, but still have international teachers who will prepare you to go to any university in the world.  NUFYP really can open other opportunities for you.

What is the advantage of NUFYP?  Here you can study close to home but get that international experience and education—you can get the best of both worlds—and be ready to do and go wherever you want.

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Write to us if you have any questions. We’ll be happy to answer your questions and help you make the right decision.