Checklist: What to prepare for NUFYP studies?

Exam time is over and soon most of you are going to receive the offer letters which you have been waiting for! We are so excited to see you at CPS soon! We created a checklist of study items you need to prepare and take with you to start your academic journey this fall.

1) Pens and notebooks. Nowadays most students take notes using their laptops and other electronic devices, but we actually advice you to take notes. Multiple research shows that students who take notes score higher and perform better on exams. Taking notes generally improves your memory and results in better grades!

2) Diary. A diary helps you to remember important events, meet deadlines, and plan your time efficiently. This is one of the best ways to improve time-management and it is something that will be useful for you in your further academic and career life.

3) Sportswear. Consider taking sportswear
with you because at NU we have a sports center and a swimming pool available for our students. We have various sport teams and opportunities to enjoy your hobbies while being a student at NUFYP. It is widely known that sports are important for reducing stress levels, good for your health, and character building.

4) Technical devices. A laptop is almost a necessity for university students nowadays. Teachers will post notes and helps to online platforms, and writing assignments are best done on a computer. Having a memory stick, power bank, headphones all can make your student life easier and more enjoyable.

5) A re-usable water bottle. This is not a secret that we need water for our well-being. We encourage green initiatives here at NU, and we believe in sustainable development, so we advise you to use a re-usable water bottle in order to reduce plastic pollution. You can also save money by drinking water from a re-usable water bottle.