5 REASONS To apply for NUFYP Program

5 reasons to apply for Nazarbayev University Foundation Year Program

1) English language and Academic perspectives

Our NUFYP Program is accredited by BALEAP – therefore, we have been judged as one of the top foundation programs worldwide, meaning that after completing the foundation program at NU you are able to apply to many English-taught universities in Kazakhstan or abroad.

You can enhance your English to an advanced level. You will also learn how to communicate in Academic English at English for Academic Purposes (EAP) lectures. A lot of our academic staff are native speakers so you will be able to practice your speaking and work on pronunciation.

2) Adaptation

This academic program prepares students for uni life and helps them to adapt to the learning environment. As a result, by the time you apply for your Undergraduate course you already know what to expect, how to act in all kinds of situations and you will be confident. Moreover, you can take your time and research about various academic programs from our Career and advising center and NU University students from different schools. You can make the right choice of your career path instead of starting an undergraduate program and then switching to something else.

3) Hard and soft skills

NUFYP Program also develops your hard and soft skills which are so important for academics and professionals. This program will allow you to develop your critical thinking, presentation, academic writing, project management skills, leadership, communication, adaptability, time management, teamwork, problem-solving and interpersonal skills.

4) Nazarbayev University infrastructure

All our NUFYP students have access to the university infrastructure: library, medical center, bank and cash machines, canteen, various types of shops, athletic center, sports center, swimming pool and more.

5) Better grades

During your studies at Nazarbayev University Center for Preparatory Studies you will learn life hacks and techniques, such as: essay writing, citation, planning, highlighting key points, effective reading and much more. You will also gain experience at project work and group work. You will learn how to do your work up to the University standards. As a result, you are more likely to get better grades in the future than those students who didn’t invest their time in completing the NUFYP program.

You can still apply for the Nazarbayev University Foundation Year Program (on a paid basis) until the 30th of June.