All about IELTS Webinar, October 19, 20:00

Dear Friends!

On October 19 at 20:00 we invite you to take part in our webinar “All about IELTS Preparation” in the Q&A format.

Our guest will be a teacher of English for academic purposes with 25 years of experience, Natasha Sinclair. You have a unique opportunity to ask your questions about preparing for the IELTS exam and get an answer from a real professional, because Nashata Sinclair has 15 years of experience as an IELTS examiner in 5 different countries.

To participate in this webinar, please fill out the registration form, which is available at the link in the profile header.

Note: Before this webinar, please watch the recording of our previous IELTS Tips and Tricks webinar, also featuring Natasha Sinclair, available on our website in the media section. 

Webinar Details:
Webinar topic: All about IELTS Preparation
Date: 20:00, October 19, 2022,
Platform: Zoom
Duration: 60 minutes
Language: English.