Prospective Students


Eligibility for Dormitory

Students, who can be provided with a bed in the dormitory, shall meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • students coming from other towns or foreign students;
  • students who are orphans, defined as either:
  • without custody of both parents, or
  • without custody of one of the parents;
  • students who are of I, II, III disability groups;
  • students from large families;
  • students with a disabled parent; and / or
  • students residing in a remote part of Astana, far from the University.

If the availability of beds is greater than the number of students eligible under these criteria, the Department of Student Affairs (DSA) may be able to provide these beds to other students.


The complete procedure and legal requirements of the University, of the University Service Management Private Entity (USM) and of the student is included in the Dormitory Rules of the Autonomous Organization of Education ‘Nazarbayev University’ document (see Fall 2016 sample) produced by the Managing Council of Nazarbayev University. Below is a brief synopsis.  If there are any differences between this procedure and the most recent version of the Dormitory Rules document, the most recent Dormitory Rules document shall be considered binding.

  1. Before the academic year begins, the Department of Student Affairs (DSA) contacts students by e-mail about accommodation, rates, and discounts for living in the dormitory.
  2. Students request dormitory space.
  3. DSA drafts a list of students who will be accommodated in campus dormitories for one year.
  4. Students provide documentation to prove eligibility (see above) for accommodation.
  5. If rooms remain available, DSA may offer accommodation to students not eligible under these criteria.
  6. Upon completion of a list of students, DSA shall approve these and send to the University Service Management Private Entity (USM) with the memorandum.
  7. USM shall conclude the contract with students, in accordance with Article 389 of the Civil Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
  8. Student shall make payments for accommodation for the forthcoming academic year in accordance with contractual conditions and approved rate or it is possible to withhold the accommodation cost payment from the security deposit paid by the student upon enrollment to the university.
  9. Upon check-in, the student and USM shall sign a Delivery and Acceptance Certificate.
  10. Accommodation is then provided to a student for one academic year.