Prospective Students


We know financial costs are a concern for families and for students. Post-secondary education is an investment in one’s future and NU strives to keep costs low for families while still maintaining an international quality education for the future success of our graduates.

Government Stipends

The majority of Kazakh nationals who attend NU receive government stipends under the “Nazarbayev University” educational grant. These grants are awarded upon the decision of the President of the University, in strict accordance with the most current procedures and regulations on stipend support. For NUFYP students who receive stipend, it covers the tuition cost for the foundation year, and it is paid on a monthly basis.


A small number of students are accepted to NU on a tuition-based system. Many of these students receive scholarships, some of which can cover 100% of the tuition fees.  Financial need is considered when awarding scholarships.

Student Fund Fee (optional)

The student fund raises funds to support students life and activities on campus. These funds are important to the operation of more than 100 student clubs and organizations which enrich the student experience and provide further opportunities for students to develop skills beyond the classroom. In addition to helping fund student activities, payment of this fee grants a student access to discounted services on campus. The student fund fee is optional and voluntary. See for more information.

Meal Plan (optional)

Although the meal plan is optional for students, it is highly recommended that NUFYP students purchase a meal plan because a meal plan:

  • is inexpensive (approximately 1000 tg / weekday)
  • provides 2 healthy, prepared meals per day (weekdays only)
  • allows choice (which 2 meals, many options)
  • saves time and money
  • eliminates worry about where or what to eat
  • helps ensure proper eating habits despite busy schedules
On-Campus Living Fees (mandatory)

Most of our students live on campus. For these students, there are mandatory fees which are not paid by grant or scholarship dollars. These fees must be paid at the beginning of each academic year. These include:

  • Dorm Fee
    Dorm fees pay for student accommodation on campus. Students are assigned to a dorm room which is shared with other NUFYP students.
  • Laundry Fee
    Laundry fees are mandatory, regardless of whether students choose to use USM services for laundering linens or not. These are non-refundable and are a government regulated fee for Health and Safety reasons.
  • Soft Bed Inventory Fee
    This fee is for the use of bedsheets, blankets, and pillows. This is paid once per academic year at the beginning of the student’s first term.

For more information about on-campus living fees, please contact University Services Management (

Off-Campus Living

Students who live in Astana or who choose to find accommodation off-campus, must find their own method of travel to and from campus. Parking permits are limited and are difficult to obtain. It is highly recommended that students make use of the many buses that service our campus.

Parking Fees

Traffic is limited on campus to prevent accidents and unauthorized parking. Parking permits are limited to those students who live off-campus, and must be applied for at the beginning of the academic year. Permits are only available as previous students graduate.  Only a small number of permits is available each year. As a result, very few students who apply for a parking permit receive one.