NUFYP ET entrance test

NUFYP ET entrance test

Dear Candidates,

Please be informed about the test dates:


NUFYP ET 28/02/2021
Demo NUFYP ET Link will be sent to candidates on the 19/02/2021.


We kindly invite you to watch NUFYP ET guide:

Here you can learn about remote proctoring system:


Please be informed that if you are under 18, a parent/guardian should be present at the start of the test while the candidate is having their ID checked and is authorised on to the system. This is to provide consent for the candidate to sit the test. This is because minors are not legally allowed to consent to themselves being recorded by a third party. Your parent/guardian should also fill in the form that was sent to them by the email.


You are also welcome to have a look at specimen papers:

NUFYP 2021 Critical Thinking and Problem Solving specimen paper

NUFYP 2021 Mathematics specimen paper


Here you can download sample questions with solutions:

NUFYP sample Mathematics questions with worked answers

NUFYP sample Critical Thinking and Problem Solving questions with worked answers