Head of Social Department

Head of Social Department

Hello everyone! My name is Alima I am a Head of Social Department FYP Student Council and it's my pleasure to be a part of Nazarbayev University community.

The creative part is very important for me, since I have always been an active participant of numerous social events. I have an experience of organizing and conducting various charity concerts, competitions, art contests, and intellectual quizzes. I hope that this year our team will organize useful activities in such a way so you can enjoy it!

So, here are some facts about me:

I'm from Oskemen (East Kazakhstan)

I really like music and everything connected to that. Singing songs and playing musical instruments makes me feel much more better. I can play some musical instruments like ukulele, guitar and now I'm trying to develop my skills in piano playing.

Dancing has also been my passion since childhood, and I believe it develops flexibility of both body and soul by bringing positive vibes to our lives.

I'm open-minded person and if you want to talk to me or ask any questions, just do it

I think that we will know better each other during the studying on FYP and I hope that this year will be productive for all of us!