Rida El-Mehdawe
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I am Arab Canadian. I originally worked as electrician for my family business. I began teaching in 1995 and spent the first five years of my teaching career in Lebanon, where I was employed in private schools as a science teacher and also taught private groups and individuals. I then started my MSc degree at the University of Windsor (Windsor, Ontario, Canada), during the study time I had a part time job at the same university as TA (teaching assistant) for the department of physics. After graduation went for a two year teaching contract for the American school of Vietnam (Ho Chi Menh city, Vietnam). Then back to the university of Windsor to get my Ph.D. degree, during that time I was teaching first year university course (Introductory physics) for three years.

In August 2015, I arrived in Astana, as it then was, to take up my new post as a mathematics Teaching Fellow at Nazarbayev University. In my spare time, I enjoy travelling and have visited more than 30 countries. I like reading, watching meaningful movies, skating, skiing, gym and more.