Renat Tussupbayev
Head Of Discipline, Electives
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Dr. Renat Tussupbayev obtained his specialist degree in Chemical technology of oil, gas and coal from Kazakh-British Technical University. After graduating in 2007 Dr. Renat was awarded a postgraduate scholarship “Bolashak” to study at the Tokyo Institute of Technology, where he joined the laboratory of Professor Izumi Taniguchi and made a research on «Development of novel preparation routes of high energy density nanosized cathode materials for Li-ion batteries by using fluidized bed reactor» [1-3]. During the interim between undergraduate and postgraduate studies Dr. Renat spent one year working in the education and science management field as a leading specialist in the Committee of Science in the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
Current experience and research activity
After the defense of PhD thesis in 2011, Dr. Renat joined University College London as a Chemistry Teaching Fellow in the Centre for Preparatory Studies at Nazarbayev University. Since March of 2016 his duties expanded and he was assigned as a Chemistry Course Developer. From September of 2017, Dr. Renat was assigned as an Acting Science Coordinator in Chemistry & Biology disciplines and in September 2018, as an Acting Head of Discipline in Interdisciplinary Sciences.
At the same time, Dr. Renat has continuously advanced his research activity. In 2014 Dr. Renat has applied as PI and received a research grant on “Development and optimization of preparation methods of graphene using liquid metal catalyst” [4]. In May 2018, Dr. Renat received a patent on a novel protective cover layer for tableted drugs.