пол магил
Paul Joseph Magill
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I was born and raised in a small village on the east coast of N. Ireland.
After university at Newcastle Upon Tyne in England (B.A. History and Politics) I spent some years doing military service. My teaching career began in 1993 when I went to P.R. China as part of a volunteer group (Voluntary Service Overseas U.K.) to work as a language assistant. Most of my EAP experience has been in P.R. China (University of Nottingham, Ningbo, Liverpool Xi’an Jiaotong University, Suzhou,) but I have worked in other cNew South Walesapacities in Japan, S. Korea, Syria and Lebanon, as well as for shorter periods of time in Poland and Germany. I received my Masters in TESOL from the University of in Sydney, Australia in 2006. I came to Astana (Nur-Sultan) in January 2016.
In my free time I enjoy reading, particularly historical and political biographies, taking advantage of the excellent library we have here. I am also a keen sports fan, especially association football. I also love to travel and am looking forward to seeing the many places in Kazakhstan that I haven’t visited yet.