Michael Johnson
Michael Johnson
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Hello, my name is Michael Johnson and I am an EAP teacher at CPS, Nazarbayev University. I have worked here for a year, although I have been living in Kazakhstan for a little longer; since 2015 I have inhabited the steppe of northern Kazakhstan: Astana, Karaganda, and now Nur-Sultan.
I have been working as an English language teacher for seven years. I first worked in Moscow, Russia for two years, and since then have been in Kazakhstan. During this time, I obtained my master’s degree in Applied Linguistics and English Language Teaching from King’s College London, where I undertook sociolinguistic research into the Latin-based script change of the Kazakh language. After gaining this qualification, I moved into teaching English for Academic Purposes.
I like to spend my free time in nature, exercising or taking photos. My favourite place in Nur-Sultan is the riverside on a summer’s evening with a breeze in the air. I am a lover of language(s) and the written word. I am a voracious reader; my favourite author is W. Somerset Maugham.