Marcus Little
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Marcus Little is from Indiana, a midwestern state in the U.S. He originally worked in the Navy as a marine mammal trainer. After serving in the Navy for four years, he attended Liberty University and completed a master’s degree in religious studies. He taught at Liberty University for five years and then moved to Saipan in 2012 to teach English and a variety of other subjects at a small international college. During his time in Saipan, he discovered his love for teaching English as a second language, so after two years he decided to move back home in 2014 to work master’s degree in English education from Liberty University. After completing his degree, he moved to Saudi Arabia in 2015 to teach English to university students. After two years in Saudi Arabia, he moved to Dubai in 2017 to teach English to U.A.E. military personnel. After teaching in Dubai for one year, he moved to Nur-Sultan to teach academic English in the Center for Preparatory Studies program at Nazarbayev University.
In his spare time, Marcus enjoys diving (his favorite spot is the Red Sea) and travelling. Every summer he travels to the Chin state in Myanmar to teach English to high school and university age students.