Elizabeth Moyulinex
Liz Molyneux
Acting Head of Discipline NUZYP
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I am the Senior Teaching Fellow for NUZYP, the Masters preparation programme in CPS. I joined NU in 2015 and have taught on a number of different courses during my time here, as well as leading course development.  I gained an MA in Education from the Institute of Education, University College London with a thesis on internationalisation in higher education. Additional research interests include critical thinking in language programs, transformative learning for university students and implicit cultural perspectives in materials development. I haven been teaching English and working in education for around 15 years and have had the pleasure of living and working in many different countries, including China, Vietnam, South Africa and my home country, the UK. In my free time, I like to keep active and enjoy cycling, swimming, hiking, snowboarding and many other sports. It may be no surprise that as I English teacher, I also appreciate spending time reading and doing crosswords.