James Arthurs
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Most of my work as a teacher has been to prepare students whose first language is not English to meet the demands of studying in English at universities. After graduating and obtaining a graduate qualification in education I worked in Sweden and prepared students from Iran for the English language requirement for Swedish universities. For most of the 1980s I worked in King Saud University in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, teaching on courses which led to undergraduate studies in English, and later preparing students for master’s degree courses. I returned to Europe to spend a year teaching English at a German university and went on to complete an M.Phil. Degree in Applied Linguistics. This was followed by ten years work at a military technical institute in the United Arab Emirates, preparing students for technical courses in English, and seven years on the campus of a British university in China. I arrived in Kazakhstan in January 2018 to begin work as an EAP teaching fellow at Nazarbayev University.
Living in countries such as Saudi Arabia and China makes one aware of their history, rich culture and strong traditions. In all of the countries in which I have worked I have learned something of the people and their heritage by living and working among them as well as by reading. In Kazakhstan I have just begun to realize how much there is to learn.