Alisa Neufeldt
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I was born and raised in Moscow. I attended university in the United States, where I received a Bachelor’s degree in Geography and Business and a Master’s in Education. I have lived in the United States, Russia, Trinidad and Tobago, Saudi Arabia, and now Kazakhstan. I began my teaching career at the Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO University), where I taught English for Academic Purposes at the School of Political Science. This was followed by working for close to five years at the Moscow branch of NVIDIA, designing and implementing educational programs for engineers which were aimed at enhancing their English language proficiency. In Saudi Arabia I taught English to female college students as education in Saudi Arabia is gender segregated.
I arrived in Kazakhstan in the summer of 2019 to take up the position of EAP teaching fellow at the Center for Preparatory Studies at Nazarbayev University and have yet to discover more of Kazakhstan.
My passions are traveling and learning. Traveling is highly energizing and leads to the generation of new ideas. Also, in my free time I regularly enroll in online courses. The areas that particularly interest me are positive psychology and neuroplasticity.