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Stop Plagiarizing! Learn an easy way to summarize without copying someone else’s work

This webinar is from EAP teacher Raquel Reinagel, who will teach you about plagiarism and good writing. She will teach you how to detect and avoid plagiarism and will help you to bring your writing up to a new level.


Digital Time Management: The Apps you Need for your First Day at NU

This webinar is from EAP teacher Alex Acuyo, who teaches to use modern tools for time management. It will be useful for anyone who wants to become super effective in his study and personal life.

Critical Thinking – how to appproach claims to knowledge we encounter in our academic and daily lives

This webinar is from EAP teacher Phillip Bell , who teaches to use critical thinking in daily life.


How to prepare for University Success

This webinar is from CPS Genaral Director- Robert Doebler, who will tell you how to become successful in your academic life.


Skills and Habits of successful students

This webinar is presented by EAP teacher Sabina Bairamova who will teach you how to be successful at your university studies


IELTS Tips Speaking and Listening

Webinar is presented by Natasha Sinclair who is CPS EAP teacher, but she has been an IELTS examiner for 15 years!

She will share useful tips on how to successfully pass speaking and listening sections of the exam.

Introduction to Nazarbayev University NUFYP entrance exam

Webinar presented by the General Director of the CPS and will help you to effectively prepare for the NUFYP ET