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Academic Learning Center (ALC)

Academic Learning Center (ALC)

Updated 26th October 2020

 The Purpose of the ALC

The ALC is here to help you learn and develop your academic skills and to assist you in your academic growth. Rather than being a compulsory course, it is a resource you can utilise. It offers you the chance to take more control of your learning and development and to seek expert guidance and assistance from experienced Tutors.

The ALC will support you with all language and study skills ranging from linguistic (writing, speaking, reading, listening, grammar, vocabulary) to academic (organisation, reasoning/logic, problem-solving) and practical (formatting, layout, technical, studying techniques, personal development).

ALC Activities

There is a range of activities that you can take advantage of. They will all be advertised in time for you to sign up or just attend depending on the event. Changes and updates are announced in the weekly student newsletter.

Personal Consultations

You can book a twenty-five minute consultation with an EAP Tutor if you have a specific study or language question. You can book consultations as often as you require. All bookings are made online on the ALC Moodle page. You can also just turn-up, but as there may not be any free slots, it’s best to book.

The process is:

  • Book a time slot on Moodle.
  • Receive a confirmatory email on the morning of your booking.
  • If it is a Zoom session, you will receive an email with the link. Else, all Consultations take place in the ALC room 107. Please arrive a few minutes early.
  • Bring a specific question or topic to the consultation.
  • The Tutor will listen to your question and give you feedback or guide you towards an answer.


We can give help on any type of academic work, whether it’s research, reading, writing, giving presentations or referencing conventions to name but a few. Please note that ALC tutors can not advise on the content or detailed organization of your writing assessments; however, we are available to help with technical questions or to provide additional guidance in a general sense.

Short Courses

Several times during the year, courses of five-weekly lessons are held. The topics of these courses are connected to academic usage: academic grammar, academic vocabulary, academic reading, listening and pronunciation.


As well as Short Courses, one-off Workshops will be offered at times during the year. These workshops cover more specific topics such as a grammar point or how to use the APA referencing style or how to design effective PowerPoint slides.

Speaking Circles

If you want to improve your speaking confidence and ability, the ALC arranges several kinds of speaking groups. These include talking about short stories and films and discussing current topics in the news. We have also had groups discussing travel, debating groups and an International Group with universities in China and South Korea.


The ALC Moodle page contains information about all ALC activities, links to sign-up sheets and exam practice materials.


John Seely

Academic Learning Center Manager