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CPS students newsletter 13

What is ALC? What can it offer?

The Purpose of the ALC The ALC is here to help you learn and develop your academic skills and to assist you in your academic growth. Rather than being a compulsory course, it is a resource you can utilise. It offers you the chance to take more control of your learning and development and to […]

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CPS leads the Field! Remote Learning Survey Results

By CPS Teaching Fellow John Seely The first article I wrote back in September looked at how CPS was adapting to the challenges of moving all classes online. This month, a report was released by the University[1] which presented the findings of how students were responding to online learning. Among other items, it asked students […]

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Staying flexible and adaptable in an unpredictable, changing environment. An interview with Elizabeth Molyneux, the new acting Head of Discipline for NUZYP.

by CPS teaching fellow John Seely Following the success of NUFYP in preparing students for the undergraduate programs, it was decided to offer the same opportunities for Masters level students and in January 2017 the Zero Year Program was launched. It was recently announced that Elizabeth Molyneux had agreed to take on the role of […]

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