Appendix 6: FAQ’s for Online Remote Proctored Test on Mercer Mettl System

Appendix 6: FAQ’s for Online Remote Proctored Test on Mercer Mettl System

Do I need to have an internet connection? 

Yes, you must have a stable internet connection connected to your computer system. The minimum bandwidth required is 512 kbps.

 Preparing/ Setting up for the Online Remote Proctored Test:  

 What device do I need to have to take the test?  

You must have a computer system (laptop or desktop) with working webcam and microphone along with stable internet connection to take this test.  

How should I prepare to take the test?

You must ensure you have taken the demonstration test that will be sent to you from Mercer Mettl. If you do not open this link and test the system you may have problems with the live link. This is the best way to experience the whole process before the actual test.

If you have not received a demo link by the 19th February, then contact Cambridge Assessment Admissions Testing:

Please ensure you have enough power or the laptop is plugged in to ensure that you do not lose connection.

Will there be a dress code for the test?  

Even though it is an online test, candidates must be dressed appropriately for an official setting. Candidates should not wear bulky clothing or jewelry. 

Do I need an original valid photo ID to take the test? 

Yes, you must have an approved valid photo ID. You will need to submit a live image of the ID to get authorised to start the test.

Valid forms of ID include your passport or your national identity card. The ID must contain your full name and a photo of yourself on the same side.

Please note, during the demo you do not need to use ID to log into the system, this is for the live version only. On your demo you will be asked for a candidate ID, this can be any number.

 Do’s and Don’ts during the Online Remote Proctored Test:  

 At my location, there might be people talking to me or around me; what would I be expected to do in such case?  

You must consider your test location the same as an examination hall and maintain the standards of an exam throughout the duration of the test. There should be no one else in the room or talking to you, and your surroundings should not be noisy.

Can I sit the test at a location other than my home?

Yes, it is your choice as to where you sit the test. It must be a private location where you will be free from disruption. The room should be well lit and have walls and a closed door. Other people cannot be present while you are taking the test. P

lease ensure you follow any local guidelines on COVID-19.

You cannot take the test in a public place, e.g. a café.

How should I behave during the test?

You must behave as you would in any other official setting such as an exam room. Abusive, offensive, or threatening language towards a Proctor will not be tolerated.

Can I use my mobile phone or headset during the test?

No. The test is to be taken as seriously as any other high-stake test, where you are expected to only concentrate on the test and not use any mobile phone or other electronic device other than your laptop/PC. Headphones/earphones/EarPods, smart watches, Fitbits etc are not permitted.

 Will I be allowed to use a calculator during the test?  

No, candidates will not be allowed to use any calculator or similar devices during the test.  

Will I be allowed to use rough paper?  

Yes, you may use loose blank or lined paper sheets for any workings out. After the test has finished your rough workings must be destroyed. You may be asked to show your rough paper to the Proctor to prove that it does not have any notes on it.

 Will I be allowed a toilet-break during the test?  

Ideally you are expected to finish the exam in one go and not leave your seat during the test at all.

You may have a toilet break but will not be able to get the time back that you are away.

• You must inform the Proctor through the chat window at the bottom right of the test page before leaving your seat. Otherwise this would be reported as a violation.

• You do not have to wait for a response from the Proctor before going to the toilet.

Will I be allowed to move from one section to another section?

You can only sit test sections in the correct order. If you finish a test section early (e.g. Section 1) and move on to Section 2, you cannot then move back to the previous section. If you finish a section early, the time remaining will not be added to any subsequent section.

You must not click ‘Finish Test’ when ending a test section as this will end your whole test and you cannot go back to it.

Technical queries

Please note, the Proctor is not there to offer any technical support. Please email   if you require assistance. Please inform the Proctor that you need to do this due to a technical reason.

I am seeing a “Video Streaming Error” when starting the test  

Some restrictions are enabled on the network or on the system which is being used. Follow the below steps to resolve the issue:

  • Disable the firewall/antivirus (if any) on your computer.
  • Make sure that you are using a network where website restrictions may not be enabled.
  •  If the issue persists, connect your system to a different internet connection.

I have been waiting to be authorised for the test but have not got through and keep getting one of the following messages:

• ‘We are currently processing your authorisation submission’

• ‘You are in the queue. Please wait while your details are being authorised’.

These messages are displayed when your details are being viewed and validated by the authoriser; please wait in the queue. If you have a concern that something is wrong and you have been waiting a long time (more than 30 minutes), please email:

 Note: Your test timing is not impacted because of this as the timer starts when you see the first question in the test.  

What happens if I get disconnected while attempting the test due to power failure or internet disconnect?  

The test runs on auto save mode. You will resume the test following the same steps as you did initially and from the question you were on when you got disconnected. However, please note any loss of connection will be monitored and any suspicious activity will be reported to Cambridge Assessment Admissions Testing for further action.

You have 30 minutes to reconnect to your test. If you cannot connect within this time, please email:


 I am unable to start the test, I am getting the message “This Test has been deactivated”.  

The message is displayed when the time window for participation in the test has been closed. You must ensure you login on time to take the test as per your test start time.

Please email:

I am unable to start the test, I am getting the message “Connection with Chat Server Failed”.  

The message is displayed when there is a restriction enabled on the Network/System being used.  

 If you are not using an office system.  

  • Disable the antivirus and firewall (if any).
  • You can also try to switch to a different internet connection.
  • Try changing the system if the issue persists.

What happens if I have technical problems during the test?

Please contact Mercer Mettl via email: Please note that the Proctor cannot answer any technical questions.