Appendix 4: Candidates under 18 and safeguarding

Appendix 4: Candidates under 18 and safeguarding

If you are under the age of 18 on your test day you must have your parent or guardian’s permission to sit the test. This is to authorise that you have their consent to be recorded by the Mercer Mettl Remote Proctoring System. 


Your parent/guardian should be present at the start of your test while you are having your ID check to provide consent for you to sit the test. This is because minors (under 18) are not legally allowed to consent to themselves being recorded by a third party. 


Your parent/guardian will need to give authorisation for candidates under 18, but then they must leave the room, but they should be available if assistance is required. The parent/guardian is under exam condition and falls under malpractice rules. Artificial Intelligence technology will be able to detect another person in the room.


Please see our Safeguarding policy for further information:

Candidates (or their parent/legal guardian) should report any concerns in relation to safeguarding, or the conduct of a live Proctor to Cambridge Assessment Admissions Testing and Mercer Mettl:

Cambridge Assessment Admissions Testing:

Mercer Mettl: