About Us

History of the Center for Preparatory Studies

The Center for Preparatory Studies (CPS) at Nazarbayev University was founded in 2010 in cooperation with University College of London and was the first division of the new Nazarbayev University. Since 2010, the majority of students who complete the CPS program have advanced to undergraduate study with Nazarbayev University.

In 2015, Nazarbayev University launched its own Foundation Year Program. This year also marked the transition from delivery of the program through foreign partner to a program developed specifically to fit the needs of our students, our undergraduate programs and our cultural context as an international university in Kazakhstan. This new program provides intensive academic preparation that features an integrative, discovery learning approach where students are challenged to apply new academic, scientific and linguistic skills in the context of their own research and subject interests.

In 2017, Nazarbayev University launched its second program, the Zero Year Program. This program was set up to help Master's-level students achieve the academic and linguistic skills required to be successful in an English-medium university setting.